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Vocabulary Builder: method

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method (noun)

  • Meaning: a procedure, technique, or way of doing something, usually by following a definite plan

    • Some methods--such as the Stanislavsky Method of acting--might be referred to in context as "the Method."

  • Plural: methods

  • Verb Forms: methodize, methodizes, methodized, methodizing

    • Meaning: create a method for doing something
  • Noun Forms:

    • methodology (plural: methodologies): a system of methods, as used in the arts or sciences, or the study of such methods: "the specific methodology for repairing ecosystems"

    • antimethod (rare) (plural: antimethods): a method that goes against the one usually used: "When western medicine didn't cure her, she turned to the antimethod of Chinese herbalism." OR an approach that avoids using a method entirely: "Despite his use of antimethod, he still managed to arrive at solution."

    • antimethodology (rare) (plural: antimethodologies): a system of antimethods.

  • Adjective Forms:

    • methodical: systematic; orderly; carefully following a method

    • methodological: related to a methodology: "a methodological foundation for repairing ecosystems"

    • methodless: without a method; random. "A methodless approach seldom gets the desired results."

  • Adverb Forms:

    • methodically: carefully following a method: "He cleaned the windows methodically, left to right, top to bottom."

    • methodologically: in a methodological way: "Her research project was methodologically sound."

  • BONUS: In the 18th century, Church of England minister John Wesley developed a "method" of spiritual practice that evolved into the Methodist Church. Adherents are called "Methodists" (singular: Methodist); the theology is called "Methodism."


    Place the correct form of "method" in each sentence. Correct answers are in the first comment below.

    1. antimethod
    2. method
    3. methodical
    4. methodically
    5. Methodist
    6. methodize
    7. methodized
    8. methodizing
    9. methodless
    10. methodological
    11. methodologically
    12. methodologies
    13. methodology
    14. methods

    1. Thinking ________ is the key to success.
    2. Various ________ have been tried in accounting, but the profession has settled on a few surefire systems.
    3. If you need to perform a task numerous times, it's best to ________ your work flow.
    4. You might not see it, but there's ________ in his madness.
    5. ________ your work may take a few minutes time, but you'll save hours in the long run.
    6. Working ________ improves a team's efficiency.
    7. His ________ work habits cost his company hundreds of dollars a month.
    8. Her team worked faster after they ________ their system.
    9. When the usual way of doing things failed to work, Reggie used an ________ that did the trick.
    10. Modern ________ of sanitation are improving public health worldwide.
    11. My mother never goes to church, but she still considers herself a ________.
    12. ________ studies of efficiency can help your company increase its profits.
    13. If you're going to work with chemicals in a laboratory, you need to be ________.
    14. I think your hypothesis is sound, but your ________ is preventing you from getting the best results.

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  1. Answers to the Practice: 1. I; 2. D; 3. M; 4. F; 5. K; 6. C; 7. H; 8. E; 9. G; 10. L; 11. A; 12. B; 13. N; 14. J