Saturday, December 25, 2021

Vocabulary Builder: export

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export (verb/noun)

  • Meaning: verb: to ship goods to another country; noun: an item that has been shipped. Plural: exports)

  • Verb Forms: export, exports, exported, exporting

  • Noun Forms:

    • exportation: the act of exporting: "Their products were available for exportation."

    • exporter (plural: exporters): a person or company which exports things

    • exportability: the condition of being exportable: "What is the exportability of these goods?"

  • Adjective Forms:

    • export: relating to exportation: "export fees"

    • exported: a thing which has been exported: "The exported apples have been shipped"

    • exportable (opposite: nonexportable): available to be exported: "Are these products exportable?"


    Place the correct form of "export" in each sentence. Correct answers are in the first comment below.

    1. export (adj.)
    2. export (noun)
    3. export (verb)
    4. exportability
    5. exportable
    6. exportation
    7. exported (adj.)
    8. exported (verb)
    9. exporter
    10. exporters
    11. exporting (verb)
    12. exports (noun)
    13. exports (verb)
    14. nonexportable

    1. He ________ widgets to the Arctic.
    2. We shipped the ________ last Thursday.
    3. He has been an ________ of widgets for over 30 years.
    4. The ________ of some widgets is limited by national laws.
    5. They are one of the biggest ________ of widgets.
    6. They rose to the top because they ________ only their best quality widgets.
    7. Unfortunately, the government determined their widgets were ________, and could only be sold in domestic markets.
    8. We ________ only the finest widgets.
    9. We'll need to assess the ________ of our widgets before we try to enter the global market.
    10. The company had one ________ that sold better overseas than all their other widgets.
    11. They have been ________ widgets since their invention.
    12. The company had to apply for an ________ license.
    13. They grabbed the market when they ________ the first-ever plastic widgets.
    14. Do you think our widgets are ________?

1 comment:

  1. Answers to the Practice: 1. L; 2. J; 3. H; 4. I; 5. N; 6. D; 7. M; 8. F; 9. C; 10. E; 11. K; 12. B; 13. A; 14. G