Saturday, December 11, 2021

"Let sleeping dogs lie"

My dog Bella. When she's sleeping, I just let her lie.

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Proverb: Let sleeping dogs lie.

Meaning: If a matter is settled, there's no need to bring it up again.

  • Numerous sayings make the same point: "Let bygones be bygones," "Leave well enough alone," etc. the Romans said, Quieta non movere ("Don't move things that are quiet") and many others.

Mini-Dialogue: Sam sees his friend Dave looking a little low.

Sam: Hey, Dave. What's wrong?
Dave: Oh, my girlfriend and I had a fight last week. I think she smokes too much! The argument's over, but the smoking still bothers me.
Sam: Are you willing to break up with her over it?
Dave: Well, not really. She's a great person!
Sam: Then maybe you should just let sleeping dogs lie.
Dave: Yeah, you may be right.


  1. In which situation would you use the proverb, "Let sleeping dogs lie"? The correct answer is in the first comment below.
    A. Your boss scolded you last week; you want to go to him and explain yourself.
    B. Your friend wants to start a rock and roll band, and asks you to join.
    C. Your brother broke his friend's bike and offers to pay for it.

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