Wednesday, November 10, 2021

"Give the devil his due."

Proverb: Give the devil his due.

Meaning: Sometimes another person--especially one we don't like--does something well, and we don't want to admit it. When we do admit it, we are "giving the devil his due."


Patrick: Oh, no! Michael got a higher score on the test than I did! 
Miriam: Patrick, no offense, but Michael studies a lot harder than you do. 
Patrick: Yeah, I have to give the devil his due. He really cracks the books!


1. In which situation would you use the proverb, "Give the devil his due"? Correct answer is in the first comment below.

A. Your best friend, with really good grades, gets admitted to a good college.
B. Your hard-working but mean older brother gets a promotion at work.
C. Your favorite cousin, a really nice guy, gets engaged to a beauty queen.

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