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Vocabulary Builder: formula

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formula (noun)

  • Meaning: The essential meaning is a repeated and proven way of doing something. There are several variations on this:

    • a standard way of saying something: Many churches use the formula "The Lord be with you" and the answer "And also with you" before a prayer.
    • a fixed way of doing or making something, such as a recipe: the formula for making Coca Cola
    • a somewhat boring way of creating something: The popular author wrote his books following a formula.
    • a statement of a principle in science or mathematics, like Einstein's E=mc2

  • Plural: formulas (or formulae in formal writing)

  • Verb Forms:

    • formulate, formulates, formulated, formulating (express as a formula)

    • reformulate, reformulates, reformulated, reformulating (formulate again)

  • Other Noun Forms:

    • formulary (plural formularies): books, collections, or systems of formulas

    • formulation (plural formulations): act(s) of making a formula or some other specific plan

    • reformulation (plural: reformulations): act(s) of making a formula again

  • Adjective Form:

    • formulaic: made according to a formula (often used negatively)

  • Adverb Form:

    • formulaically: in a formulaic way


    Place the correct form of "formula" in each sentence. Correct answers are in the first comment below.

    1. formula
    2. formulas or formulae
    3. formulaic
    4. formulaically
    5. formulate
    6. formulates
    7. formulation
    8. reformulated
    9. reformulating
    10. reformulation

    1. How many ________ are contained in your formulary?
    2. When their first effort failed, the food scientists spent weeks ________ their recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
    3. The chef ________ new concoctions faster than her assistants can write them down.
    4. We have formulated and ________ this plan 15 times and we're still no closer than when we started.
    5. Sculpting ________ is seldom a path to success.
    6. Sadly, his novels seemed a bit ________.
    7. What is the best ________ for making a cup of tea?
    8. We need to ________ a new recipe for chai tea.
    9. The ________ of the chemical that we made once before is nearly completed.
    10. The ________ of a new business plan can take months.

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  1. Answers to the Practice: 1. G; 2. A; 3. F; 4. E; 5. H; 6. C; 7. J; 8. D; 9. B; 10. I