Sunday, January 2, 2022

"Two heads are better than one"

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Proverb: Two heads are better than one.

  • This is an old idea. The Bible says of people, "Two are better than one," and the Greek philosopher Aristotle says the same: "Two good men are better than one." In 1546, John Heywood wrote in his Proverbs:
        Some heads have considered two heads to be better than one
        But ten heads without wit I consider as good as none.
    (I have modernized Heywood's version.)

Meaning: It's easier to find the solution to a problem if you have someone to help you think about it.

  • Remember: another person can have a different point of view, or know something you don't know.

Mini-Dialogue: Alex sees his friend Jon at a study table looking worried.

Alex: Hey, Jon. What's wrong?
Jon: These math problems! I wish I could afford a tutor!
Alex: You don't need to pay anyone. Just get a "study buddy."
Jon: What, like, just a friend?
Alex: Exactly! Someone to help you see your "blind spots." You know, "Two heads are better than one."
Jon: Good idea!


  1. In which situation would you use the proverb, "Two heads are better than one"? The correct answer is in the first comment below.
    A. Your project manager suggests you talk with another team member to help you solve a problem.
    B. Your friend insists that you bring a date to the dance.
    C. The scientist kept his research a secret so no one would steal his ideas.

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