Saturday, December 4, 2021

"Don't cry over spilled milk"

Click to see Vol. I, Issue 6 of the newsletter in which this article first appeared.

Proverb: Don't cry over spilled milk.

  • Some people say, "There's no use crying over spilled milk."

Meaning: One shouldn't waste time being sorry about things that have happened in the past.

  • Once milk is spilled, there's no getting it back. We can also say "you can't unring a bell," or "there's no use closing the barn door after the horse is gone" to express the same idea.
    NOTE: It's best if we only use this for fairly small things, not life-changing disasters.

Mini-Dialogue: Jonas sees his friend Kimberly sitting by herself in the school quad.

Jonas: Hi, Kim. What's wrong?
Kimberly: Oh, I just found out I failed the final exam, and I have to repeat the class.
Jonas: That's too bad... Well, cheer up! You know, there's no use crying over spilled milk. You'll just have to do better next time.
Kimberly: I hear that!


  1. In which situation would you use the proverb, "Don't cry over spilled milk"? The correct answer is in the first comment below.
    A. Your friend tells you she just got accepted to medical school.
    B. Your cousin tells you her mother (your aunt) just died.
    C. Your friend tells you he dropped a $10 somewhere and can't find it.

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