Monday, November 29, 2021

Vocabulary Builder: economy

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economy (noun)

  • Meaning:

    • economy (plural: economies): the system of buying, selling, etc., in a place: "the U.S. economy"

    • economy: careful management of money: "Try to conduct your affairs with economy."
      This can also be used to mean "less effort," for example "economy of movement"

  • Noun Forms:

    • economics: the study of economies: "She majored in economics in university."
    • economist (plural: economists): a person who studies economics

  • Verb Forms: economize, economized, economizing: save money: "We'll need to economize if we're going to meet our budget."
  • Adjective Forms:

    • economy: meant to save money: "Economy cars use less gasoline."

    • economical (antonym uneconomical): in an inexpensive way: "Riding the bus is an economical alternative to owning a car."

    • economic: related to the economy: "Economic indicators" tell how the economy is doing

  • Adverb Forms:

    • economically (antonym uneconomically): in a way that saves expense or effort: "Let's try to complete the project economically, without spending too much."


    Place the correct form of "economy" in each sentence. Correct answers are in the first comment below.

    1. economic
    2. economical
    3. economically
    4. economics
    5. economies
    6. economists
    7. economized
    8. economizing
    9. economy (not about money)
    10. economy (adj.)
    11. economy (noun)
    12. uneconomical

    1. American ________ have won several Nobel Prizes in recent years.
    2. This year's ________ forecast is grim.
    3. The ________ of several countries were affected by the hurricane.
    4. ________ requires an understanding of supply and demand, efficiency, and other topics.
    5. He ________ as much as he could, but he still couldn't afford to live in the city.
    6. Eating out all the time is ________.
    7. If you plan ahead, you can get a seat on an ________ flight.H. If you try ________ a little more, you can build up your savings account.
    8. Being a concise writer requires a certain ________ of language.
    9. Having a roommate is an ________ alternative to living alone.
    10. The American ________ is bouncing back from the pandemic slowdown.
    11. Two can live as ________ as one.

1 comment:

  1. Answers:
    Practice: 1. B; 2. J; 3. L; 4. D; 5. C; 6. A; 7. E; 8. H; 9. I; 10. G; 11. K; 12. F